Book Release: In Love

Most coaches write books to establish credibility in their industry and preach their message to a wider platform.

But I’ve written eight books (and counting)…

I didn’t write this book for credibility’s sake or to broaden my platform.

I wrote this book for YOU.

Listen to the “Origin Story” of IN Love right here. (It’s quick! Just five minutes.)

You’ll hear more about…

  • Why the concept of “falling out of love” is so common
  • How this results in the long-time feeling of hopelessness
  • And how we can change this reality for our marriages

If I could give you the best chance for success in your most intimate relationship (including a TOOLBOX full of practical things you can start implementing right away!)… this book would be it. IN LOVE: 21 Secrets for When You Have Love for Him But Aren’t In Love Anymore will help you build the kind of relationship you desire with practical tools that last a lifetime. Get your copy here!