Love Takes Courage

To love takes courage.

The word courage even has the Latin root, cor, which means heart. The heart has long been a metaphor used to depict inner strength. And I’m not sure if there’s anything that requires more courage and inner strength these days than to love.

Sometimes love asks a lot of us- more than we think we can give. To be willing to be as courageous as we need to be can be scary. Love can be scary. Love requires inner strength.

To open your heart to someone, knowing that it might get broken.

To share your deepest needs, wants, and desires, not knowing if they will be met.

To love, when love may not be reciprocated, at least not in the same way it was given.


It feels like a leap of faith to love someone deeply. There are no guarantees. And yes, sometimes love hurts. That’s why love takes courage.

Being courageous in love can look like many things.

Saying I love you…and meaning it.

Being the one to initiate a hug or a touch.

Going first, again, even when are not sure what the result may be.

Forgiving without anyone asking to be forgiven.

Having the difficult conversations.

Being vulnerable.

Telling our partners what we need to feel loved, fulfilled and cared for.

Sharing our dreams… and fears.

Feeling and allowing our emotions instead of stuffing them down or running from them.

Being honest…especially with ourselves.

Setting healthy boundaries.

Remaining in our own business and taking responsibility for what is ours.

Even…walking away in love when the relationship is complete.

Asking for help when you don’t know the answers.

These all take courage.

If you are struggling to decide if it’s worth fighting for your relationship or if it’s time to leave, and you’re serious about finding that answer…I’m here to help.