Marriage & Relationship Coaching with Sharon



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Sometimes, women find their way to me and my work when they are stuck in indecision – not knowing if the marriage can ever feel good again or if the only answer is to leave. They need clarity.

And sometimes women are done trying in their marriage and know their answer is to leave but they feel paralyzed in taking those steps forward.

Either way, I know where you are and I know what you’re facing because I’ve been there myself. And my proven process can help you begin moving forward quickly.

In relationships, we expect that among the good times there will be some tough ones as well.

While it’s fairly easy to ride the wave of the not-so-great times, what happens when the difficult times far outweigh the good ones?

What happens when you can’t even recall the good times anymore?

How do you ever get comfortable feeling so alone in your marriage that, even though you have someone by your side, there’s no one in your corner?

What happens when someone cheats? Can it be salvaged or is the only answer to leave?

What if you feel like you’ve tried everything – including years of therapy – and nothing has worked to bring you to real clarity?

It doesn’t matter where you’re at right now – married-but-feeling-alone and wondering if this is the end, reeling from an affair, or longing to feel more connected to your partner and wondering if there’s a way back – you’re hurting and unhappy, stuck and most likely terrified.

Through my coaching practice, I interact with women every day who feel stuck in disconnected and unhappy marriages for years – sometimes decades.

They stay for different reasons that feel insurmountable. For some, it’s the kids.
For many, it’s the fear of, “I don’t want to hurt him…”
Or “What if I end up alone forever…”
Or “Is this all there is?” Maybe the grass isn’t greener…

 For some, it’s simply easier to stay stuck, because then no one ever has to take any scary action one way or the other – they don’t have to lean into their marriage in a new way and they don’t have to take steps towards leaving it either.

Facing and healing what’s not working in our relationships, or lovingly releasing them, takes radical courage. What makes it even harder is when we are inside the pain and disconnection of our relationships, it’s virtually impossible to see, let alone act on, a solution.

These are the reasons I’ve devoted my heart and my business to helping strong and successful women get unstuck and have the kind of deep, soulful and loving relationships they desire and deserve.

Counseling tends to be a slow exploration of how you got to where you are. But that doesn’t help you create a new future. (Plus, it often keeps you stuck in telling the same stories over and over again. Check out my free ebook, Can Marriage Counseling Help?)

Our girlfriends love us and mean well, but they can only tell us what they think they would do in our situation (and as you know, giving advice is so much easier than taking it and actually living it). You need your answer for your life; not their answer for your life.

And while books are great (I’ve written many…), if books alone could solve the issues in our marriages, would we still have the divorce rate we do (with more than 100k books on the market)?

MEN ARE WELCOME HERE AS WELL! I am grateful that more and more men are beginning to engage with my work. The ones in my programs understand that I primarily serve women, but they appreciate hearing the female perspective (after all, they already know and understand the male perspective).

Their presence in my programs has created a deeper conversation and a better understanding of one another’s unique challenges and perspectives. After all, if men and women can understand one another better, we will be more equipped to be able to create and sustain loving and connected relationships together. So, yes, gentlemen…you are welcome here.