“You’re not stuck unless you stop.” Steve Furtick

My client, Kerry, has been stuck in indecision about her marriage for six years. Her husband is a good man, a great father, and a good provider for the family. He’s reliable, stable, and safe, which means she knows he won’t break her heart. But she might break his…

Here are some of her words:

I go back and forth multiple times a day on the stay or go decision. In one moment, I feel there is no rush, and in the next breath I think to myself, “I just need to decide!” This is why I’ve been stuck for so long.

I have thought about this every day, multiple times a day, for years, but I haven’t taken any action. I believe it’s the fear of making a wrong decision that’s keeping me from any decision.

She’s spent years intellectualizing the decision about her marriage in her mind, but hardly any time or effort on taking any action one way or the other. She hasn’t made a real, concerted and consistent effort to try to make her marriage feel good again, but she hasn’t taken any steps to unwind the marriage either.

If you’re stuck in indecision, it means that you need more information. Specifically, you need to know whether or not this marriage can evolve to a place that feels good for both of you….or not.

So how do you know if that evolution is possible? You try to evolve it and see what, if anything, shifts.

As long as you take no action, you learn nothing, and of course, make no progress. But the minute you take a new step in any new direction, you will get more information, which will lead you to greater clarity.

If you’ve been waiting to take action until you feel like the circumstances are perfect or there’s some form of guarantee that your efforts will be successful, you’ll be waiting a long time. That magical time will never arrive, and you will remain stuck.

But all you have to do to never remain stuck is to keep moving…in some direction…in any direction. That alone is progress.

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