Today we welcome Dr. Hot Flash, a.k.a. Dr. Angela DeRosa: the goddess of hormone therapy. She’s on a mission to educate women (like you and me!) to help us thrive through the changes of midlife – and beyond!

As a respected and internationally-recognized authority on women’s hormonal health, Dr. DeRosa explains the range of health issues women face leading up to and during menopause. And because she’s a dear friend of mine, we get deep into some questions I have about how menopause affects marital relationships.

In this interview, Dr. DeRosa tells us her story of going through menopause in her 30s and how the average age of menopause has changed (plus, why this matters!) She also explains why menopause and even hormone changes in men affect our marriage relationships and the difference between hormone replacement therapy v. synthetic hormones (plus, how to choose what’s best for you!)

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. DeRosa’s practice, plus to get a copy of her book, go to