A Whole New Way to Think About Self-Love

Last updated: Jun 25, 2019

“This self-love you think you’re looking for is not love of self, it’s love that is self. And there’s a difference.” Abraham Hicks

This week, I spoke to several women – spread out all over the country – who are struggling with the concept of self-love.

They know they need more confidence and courage in order to live the adventurous lives they desire.

They know they need to be more gentle and compassionate with themselves so they can stop the self-sabotage.

They know they need self-love in order to find the deep, soulful, lasting love they desire in their lives.

Each one of these beautifully brave women wants to love themselves. They just don’t know how.

Each one of these beautifully brave women wants love in their lives. None know how to get it.

At times, I think people believe I have a magic bullet of some sort – some pixie dust I can sprinkle over them so they will feel that deep sense of self-love that opens the door to attract to them the love they desire.

I like to think the work I do with my clients to help them love and be loved is pretty magical and filled with miracles…..but unfortunately, there’s no pixie-dust involved.

But here’s the closest thing:

If you want that sensation of self-love, and an entirely new take on self-love that you’ve never heard before, here’s a video you need to watch from one of my favorite spiritual teachers. I dare you to take the 11 minutes to listen to this once a day for 10 days and not be changed by it. It’s powerful and transformative, and oh, so loving.


Abraham Hicks: Love

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