My First 100 Clients…and the Ripple Effect.

Last updated: Jun 25, 2019

“….ultimately all you can do is fix yourself. And that’s a lot. Because if you can fix yourself, it has a ripple effect.” Rob Reiner


I realized something last night:

I’ve now worked with directly and helped 100 clients in their most important and most intimate relationships:

  • 100 people no longer struggling, questioning, spinning or hurting.
  • 100 people who are creating relationships that feel loving again.
  • 100 people who are living lives that feel hopeful again.

100 people didn’t sound like a lot to me at first. After all, I’ve been coaching for years… until I looked at and remembered the names of each of those clients, their specific stories, the life changing shifts each of them had as a result of our work together (….yep, every one of you).

100 people didn’t feel like a lot until I began to consider the ripple effect that can occur when one person simply says, yes!, to themselves, their lives, their marriages and their hearts:

Some woman was able to demonstrate to her daughter what a healthy, loving relationship can look like, after years of her daughter seeing the opposite.

Someone reflected the truth back to her best friend at the exact moment she needed to see it.

Someone dropped the baggage from the last relationship so they didn’t unintentionally make their new love pay for sins of past loves.

Someone forgave, freeing themselves and the person that hurt them.

Someone was more patient with their child.

Someone found compassion for their spouse, rather than anger.

Someone overcame a fear and is now impacting 100s of lives themselves.

Someone had the courage to say “yes” and it led to the love affair of a lifetime.

Someone said “no” and was never verbally and emotionally abused again.

Someone walked away….gently, lovingly, and peacefully.

Someone found their voice.

Someone made themselves vulnerable again in their relationship and it created a new opportunity for connection.

Someone took responsibility for their part in the relationship struggles and made different choices from that day forward.

Someone showed their son how to treat a woman, what’s acceptable and what’s not.

Someone had the courage to love again.

A little over a year ago, someone told me how they woke up one morning and saw my blog post on Facebook about untangling a relationship with a narcissist. They felt compelled to share it with their friend. Their friend later told them that after reading that post, they decided to tell their story and finally write their memoir. I don’t know her friend and I may not ever have the opportunity to read her book. But I’m grateful my words spoke to her because that ripple created the opportunity for so many more ripples to occur.

All we can ever do is heal ourselves. That’s difficult enough. And it’s enough. Because when we do that, it impacts all of our most important relationships, and many others as a result of the ripple effect.

I will never know exactly how my work ripples out into the world, but the thought of all the possible ways it can sure makes getting out of bed ready to serve the next 100 people exciting.

Thank you, truly, for allowing me into your lives, trusting me with your stories and being able to make an impact one person, one heart and one relationship at a time.

With much love and light –





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