Get Comfortable with Getting Uncomfortable

Last updated: Jun 25, 2019

“Courage is the power of letting go of the familiar.” Raymond Lindquist

My husband and I are taking salsa lessons. We’re only on our 4th lesson, but this week my husband asked the very honest question, “Will it always feel this uncomfortable?” To which our very wise dance instructor responded, “If you’re not uncomfortable, then you’re not growing.”

As a life coach, it took me one nano-second to think to myself: That’s not just true in dancing; that’s true in virtually every aspect of our lives.

I recently decided to search for a new spiritual practice outside of the church I’ve been going to for probably close to 17 years. I love that church, I love its mission and I love the people, but I had gotten a little too comfortable. If I wanted to grow in my relationship with our Creator, it was time to begin opening myself up to something that may not be found within the 4 walls of a traditional church. I’ve never felt a stronger connection with God than I do at this moment in my life, as I find my wisdom and lessons in authors and poets, nature and people.

For my 40th birthday (now 3 years ago), I traveled to Italy for 10 days. I had never been there before, was still trying to heal a bit from my broken marriage and past relationships, didn’t know the language (outside of grazie and vino) and I was traveling alone.

That trip was incredibly far outside of my comfort zone, but that’s when all of my journaling really began taking on the form of a book.

That was when I finally healed my heart and began trusting myself enough to let someone else in – who happened to become the absolute love and security, passion and joy in my life – my husband, Derrick.

Getting uncomfortable is typically the only way that we’re able to learn something new and grow in a way that was unknown to us before.

Although I’ve not always been conscious of it, the times when I’ve experienced the most profound growth and change in my life has been when I was willing to get outside of my comfort zone.

  • Getting uncomfortable can mean being willing to explore; exploring in another country or exploring the part of our hearts that we’ve kept hidden for far too long.
  • Getting uncomfortable might mean occasionally going to some dark, quiet places where we wouldn’t invite others so that we can be alone and grow to love the company we’re keeping.
  • It takes the willingness to be uncomfortable, coupled with a great deal of courage to acknowledge, forgive, and heal old wounds, trusting that we will be supported through the process.
  • Getting uncomfortable might be simply opening our hearts to love again after we’ve been deeply hurt.
  • Getting uncomfortable can be living with a natural curiosity about life, about others and about ourselves. Seeking to understand what brought us to this place in our lives and being willing to take responsibility for that – not in a harsh, judgmental way, but more of a curious, introspective, ready-to-create-a-different-experience kind of way.
  • Living authentically can feel a bit uncomfortable at first but I promise, once you show up each day as your glorious, imperfect self for awhile – it feels like freedom.

Tell the Truth. Show up In Love. Live in Freedom.




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