I Wish He Would

Last updated: Jan 21, 2023

“What changes your world is not wishing for change; what changes your world is changing.” Jim Rohn

I used to be that person that would see people in the potential of who they could be, rather than who they really were. That caused me some unnecessary heartache by hanging onto relationships long past their expiration date.

I speak to women all day long that are struggling in their marriages and praying for change, expressing, I wish he would just

  • Be happier,
  • Be more loving, or
  • Communicate with me.

But wishing for him is pointless if he doesn’t want that for himself.

Even as a Love Coach, I want happy lives and connected relationships for my clients; but as great as my desire is for them to feel happy and connected, THAT ALONE does not make my desires for their lives a reality.

They have to want it for themselves.

And they have to be willing to take the steps needed in order to experience change.

That’s the only way change happens.

So all of this wanting for others – when he or she doesn’t want it for themselves – is the metaphorical equivalent of beating your head against a wall Day. After. Day.

It simply doesn’t work.

It leaves you feeling hopeless and frustrated.

But that’s not the worst part…

The real tragedy is that all that focus on what you want for everyone else keeps you from getting clarity about what you want for yourself and creating the change necessary to make it happen.

If change is going to occur in your life, who else is going to do it?

It’s not anyone else’s job…It’s your job.

The change has to begin with you.

Are you willing to stop wishing for everyone else around you to change so that you can be happy and instead, create the happy life and connected marriage you want for yourself?

If your answer is yes, but you don’t know how to do it…..

I’ve got good news…I do know how to do it. Let’s get on the phone to see if there’s a fit for us to work together to create the life and relationships you desire and deserve.

I look forward to connecting soon.

With much love and light –





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