Living in the Light

Last updated: Oct 21, 2022

“When you possess light within, you see it externally.” Anaïs Nin

I had lunch with a dear friend this week and he was sharing with me the experience he had recently at Yosemite National Park with his partner and children. His enthusiasm about the Giant Sequoias they saw and the majesty and magic they experienced on their trip all brought chills to me.

As he was talking, the life coach in me couldn’t resist the beautiful metaphor that nature provides to us for our lives.

Sequoias are one of the most massive trees that exist in the world and are literally thousands of years old. They have survived and, in fact, thrived where other trees have either died or been destroyed through natural causes.

So what makes the sequoias so resilient and what can we learn from them?

1. They need sunlight to survive. They’re only thriving when they’re standing in the light.

When our light is dimmed, we’re not able to fully express our gifts to the world. When we’re not fully expressing our own light, we’re unable to show up in love in our most important relationships. If we are to thrive, just like the sequoias, we need to be living in the light.

2. As a result of its thick, protective bark, fires can’t destroy the trees. In a way, the fires actually make the sequoias stronger. Because as fires destroy the other trees around them, the sequoias survive and then grow stronger in the increased sunlight that’s available to them.It’s the same with our lives. The fires of our lives are there to clear away the clutter and dissolve the lies of our lives so that we can grow stronger, more self-aware and the best version of ourselves.

3. Those trees aren’t trying to be something they’re not.

Through comparison and self-judgment, we can easily lose track of who we really are. But when we can just show up as our imperfect, authentic selves and really let people see us, what they’ll likely see is the beauty of our light.

The sequoias can’t get blown over by a strong wind, nor can it be taken out by fires. Things happen in our lives that may knock us around a little bit and may feel like we’re in the fire from time to time, but all we have to do is allow our authentic selves to simply show up and live in the light – and what we’ll find is a majestic and beautiful creation.

For me, living in the light means being authentic, sharing our gifts, expressing our beauty. It means telling the truth, showing up in love and living in freedom.

What does living in the light look like to you?

What in your life needs to be used as kindling in a fire so that you can grow stronger?




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