Love by July

Last updated: Oct 20, 2022

“Bees can fly 12 miles without getting lost. Albatrosses, 25,000 miles. And flying insects, without eyes, have no trouble whatsoever finding their ‘soul mates.’ Imagine what I can do for you when you listen to the voice within.” The Universe, from Notes from The Universe by Mike Dooley

My client Paul took a stand about 2 weeks ago. He set the goal that he would have love by his side by July 22nd.

My client Kate was ready to set an intention that she would have love by this summer. After a little gentle nudging, she chose….yes, July 22nd!

Setting an intention for when you will have the love by your side is a powerful thing. Doing so takes it out of the nebulous zone of, “I wish I had…” or “Someday I want…” to the specific zone of, “This is happening.”

When you’re brave enough to set a very specific intention for yourself, such as having the love you desire by July, miracles begin to happen.

You’ve already done much of the work just by making a commitment to yourself and placing an intention in the universe.

The remaining “work” on your part (if you want to call it that) is to just simply believe it.

You don’t have to keep asking; your request has been heard.

You don’t need to bring graspy energy to it and try to force it to happen; you just need to relax in the knowing of what’s coming.

Then, because you know in your heart that the miracle of love is on its way to you,

  • You begin showing up differently for yourself and others.
  • You aren’t afraid to go out and begin living in a way that aligns with the intention you’ve set.
  • You have confidence that everything is working out for you.

Not after you lose that last 10 pounds…

Not after you read another self-help book…

Not after you get a new wardrobe or a new job…

Right now, just as you are.

The Universe (God / Source) is putting all the right pieces into place for your miracle to occur.

If resting into the knowing is difficult for you, as it can be for all of us at times, give yourself a visual reminder so that you consciously hold that intention with you each day.

Paul is creating a vision board that depicts the feelings he will have when he falls in love.

Kate has a particular sweater that she plans on wearing on July 22nd, so it’s hanging on her door so that she sees it each day.

As I’ve said before, with every step you take towards love, love takes 10 steps towards you.

Don’t be afraid to set an intention for when love will be in your life. Make it specific. Make it bold. It should feel a little scary. It should be wildly improbable, but absolutely possible.

love by july

Are you ready to put a stake in the ground? Are you ready to relax into the knowing of what’s coming? Perfect!

I’m already holding the intention with Paul and Kate; I’m glad to hold it for you as well. Send me an email with your intention:

I will have love by my side by ____________________(insert date)

Tell the Truth. Show up in Love. Live in Freedom.




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