Making Room for Love

Last updated: Nov 28, 2023

“No makes way for yes.” Danielle LaPorte, #TRUTHBOMB

Camille is an incredibly successful corporate executive. To meet her, you might immediately see that she’s pretty confident, pretty adventurous and pretty fabulous.

She’s beginning to get clearer about the love that she wants in her life: a love that brings the passion she had with one man, but the emotional availability and adoring affection of something she’s never experienced before (but now knows at a soul level is completely possible).

This kind of love will be hers; it’s just waiting for her.

Waiting for her to be ready,

Waiting for her to clear away the clutter,

Waiting for her to release the ties she still has with an ex-lover.

Camille has to make room for him. She has to make room for love.


Brianna has some simple dreams for her life and her love life; simple, but not easy. She wants to become a therapist, she wants a husband that she can love and trust and she wants children.

But each day, she’s still sending and receiving text messages from people she gave her heart to previously and they broke it to pieces.

Brianna’s husband is right there, waiting for her.

Waiting for her to be ready,

Waiting for her to clear away the clutter,

Waiting for her to untie the ties with toxic past loves.

She has to make room for him in her life. She has to make room for love.


We have to make room for what we want.

Sometimes, making room means saying, “no.”

Sometimes, making room means not responding.

Sometimes, making room means making different choices.

Intentionally…lovingly…purposefully making room for the love we really want.

Wanting what you want badly enough that you are willing to do what it takes.

Even when it feels unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

Even when you’re not certain how this story will end.

Even when – especially when – you know the all-too-familiar path through the same old shit always lands you in the same old place.

When we don’t have the love we want in our lives, it may just mean we haven’t yet made space.

It may mean we haven’t said “no” enough in order for the YES! to appear.

Where have you not yet said no?

Where have you not yet cleared the space for what it is you really want in love?




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