Powerful and Peaceful

Last updated: Jun 25, 2019

“If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it.”  Toni Morrison

When you think of the word powerful, what comes to mind? An executive in a big office? A large crushing wave in the Pacific ocean? It’s defined as “having great power or strength.”

When you think of the word peaceful, what do you think of? Buddha? Meditation? A serene brook with water floating through it. Peaceful is defined as “free from disturbance” or “tranquil”

Why can’t we be simultaneously powerful and peaceful? These words seem like they’re opposites, but they’re really not – or at least they don’t have to be. They can complement each other; one making the other one even stronger. When combined, they can be well, quite powerful.
• When our minds are at peace – we think clearly. We feel confident knowing and asking for what we want in our lives.
• When our bodies are at peace – we are able to hear our own inner voice that’s always there guiding and instructing us; our bodies (unlike our minds) will never lead us astray.
• When our hearts are at peace – we trust ourselves and our own judgment. We begin to open our hearts to others where real connection can occur.

Let’s talk about energy for a second…

We’ve all felt the kind of energy someone has when they’re being dishonest or trying to hide something from you. You can actually feel a difference. Have you ever been to a department store where even though you told them you were “just looking,” they continue to follow you around the store directing you to their most expensive items? There’s a kind of energy there that’s almost suffocating. It’s the grasping, struggling, searching type of energy like:
• when you really want that promotion, or
• when you really want someone to love you, or
• when you’re searching for answers, or
• when you really think your mother shouldn’t have said or done something she did.

When you are at peace, you have a different kind of energy. It’s the kind of energy that makes people feel better when they’re around you, makes people trust you and frankly, it’s the place from which all the pieces in your life come together as they are meant to be – without effort and without struggle. Some call it coincidence, some call it everyday miracles, some just call it the impact of being at peace. That kind of peace can be incredibly powerful.

We are powerful human beings. We have the ability to control the type of energy we bring to every interaction, every relationship, every family disagreement, every presentation, every meeting at the office and every life coaching session. Taking responsibility for the energy we bring is a way to practice both power and peace.

If you take that image of a small brook that has water gently running through it, going over and around the rocks in its path…..you can hear the soft sound of the water and it’s peaceful. But that peaceful brook over time, is flattening the landscape at the bottom and around the sides of the creek bed with its erosive force. It takes in all the rainfall and run-off and in doing so changes its surroundings. What seemed to be small and gentle and peaceful, actually contains a great deal of power to change itself and its surroundings.

So can you.

It’s actually when we’re at our most serene that we are also our most effective self – in whatever it is that we’re doing.





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