Prepare for Love to Come Flooding In

Last updated: Jun 25, 2019

“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.” Loretta Young

Have you been searching everywhere for love?

Have you ever wanted love so much that you convinced yourself that okay was enough?

Have you ever tried too hard to make an unworkable relationship work?


When it comes to love, have you ever felt like you were swimming upstream?


I spent most of my life swimming upstream.

I made everything much more difficult than it needed to be. If there was a challenge to be had, I seemed to be in the thick of it. I could make things happen; will them into being, force them and struggle to get what I wanted.

Even in Especially in relationships.

Basically, swimming upstream.

And here’s what I’ve found…

We don’t have to force anything.

We don’t have to wish and hope and dream for the light to shine one us; for it to be our turn for love.

Your turn is right now.

Not after you lose that last 10 pounds.

Not after you settle into what you want to do in life.

Not after you read another self-help book.

Right. Damn. Now.

It’s time to settle into our rafts and float downstream for a bit.

It’s time to do the work to prepare ourselves for love so that we’re attracting the type of relationship we desire.

It’s time to forgive old resentments so future loves don’t aren’t made to pay for the sins of past loves.

It’s time to see the patterns more clearly and understand how to create a future love experience that looks dramatically different than our past experiences and attempts at love.

It’s time to stop unconsciously sabotaging ourselves from getting absolutely everything we want.

It’s time to settle into our rafts and float downstream, allowing love to find us with:

A clear and open heart;

Healed and whole.

Awake, aware and alive.

my year for love




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