The Best Couple on TV Today

Last updated: Mar 31, 2024

“We cannot really love anyone with whom we never laugh.” Agnes Repplier Dr. Harriet Lerner, PhD

I am a Relationship Coach. I pay attention to couples and the way they interact.

  • I watch people who are eating dinner together. (Are they talking and looking one another in the eye or are they on their phones?)
  • I watch couples and how they walk down the street together. (If one of you is ten feet in front of the other, there’s a problem.)
  • And I watch couples on TV.

Hands down…across every show I’ve ever seen….reality or fiction…there is one couple that, from this Relationship Coach’s perspective, is the best couple on TV today:

Egypt Sherrod & Mike Jackson from Married to Real Estate on HGTV.

Watching the two of them, it’s easy to see and feel their love for each other. They are smart and talented, they are affectionate and respectful, and they are playful and loving. Unlike most couples, they never forgot how to have fun together.

  • Their lives seem hectic for sure and they aren’t afraid to show that publicly – which makes them real and relatable.
  • But they stay connected and act as a team in the midst of the madness – which shows us what’s possible in a marriage.

If you haven’t seen their show Married to Real Estate on HGTV, it’s worth a watch. I think they’re the coolest couple on TV and I bet their marriage is 🔥🔥🔥.

Have you stopped having fun with your spouse?
Have you lost the natural affection and respect between the two of you?
Have you been using the excuse that you’re disconnected in your marriage because you’re both so busy?

Look…we have what we work for, what we invest in and what we pay attention to. Great marriages don’t just happen.

I’m ready when you are.




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