Here’s the Truth: It’s Time to Ask a Better Question

Last updated: Jun 25, 2019

“If you live in the questions, life will move you into the answers.” Deepak Chopra

As a creator, my job is to create. My medium of choice at the moment is writing. So, I follow the flow of my life and the challenges I hear from women all over the world as my source of inspiration.

My job isn’t to judge the quality of my work or to force it on people. My job is to create what is calling to be created in my soul and trust that those who need my message will find it.

Here’s how I know that’s the truth:

Last week, I launched a new book and that same day it became a Best-Seller on Amazon. Within 48 hours it became an International Best-Seller. Within one week, I had 26 reviews – almost all of which gave it 5 stars.

That’s great for the resume (and the ego). But here’s what’s soooo much better:

I received emails from women all around the world sharing their experience with me. One woman, in particular told me about how she went through the book, honestly and courageously asking and answering the difficult questions for her own life and her relationships that are throughout the book.

And within one day of doing this work she had a well-spring of kind and attractive men engaging with her where there was no one previously. And for the first time, she felt confident, authentic and open.

Here’s what she said:

Soulful Truth Telling is life changing.  Sharon shares her life and tools that will provide a gateway for finding true love in your life. By changing your thoughts not only will you bring love into your life, but you will find a new love for yourself.  Once you do the floodgates to love are endless. After completing her book in one day love was pouring into my life. 

Part of the work I do through my writing, my coaching practice and my retreats (where I’m at right now!) is ask the questions that lead us to a deeper truth of our lives and give us every answer we ever need.

I thought I would share with you some of my favorites that will be asked this weekend (since you’re not here with me):

  • Where have you abandoned yourself or your heart for the possibility of love?
  • What is the greatest gift that a lost love provided me? What insight, preference or awakening do you have now that you didn’t have previously?
  • What part of your life doesn’t feel in flow? What feels stuck or stagnant?
  • What feels good every time you do it? (You can have more than one thing)
  • (My personal favorite from Danielle LaPorte’s Conversations Starters app, paraphrased): Everything you will be or do or have is lined up before you. What’s at the front of the line?

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