We Attract What We Are

Last updated: Jun 25, 2019

“The life you live is a reflection of what’s going on inside of you.” Oprah

There was a time – shortly after the divorce from my first husband but before I met my current husband, Derrick, that my man-picker was broken. I mean BROKEN.

At least that was my story for why I attracted and dated men that would lie or cheat or treat me as though I was not terribly important.

The real truth was that I was attracting exactly what I was at that time. Now I don’t like to think of myself as a liar or a cheater, but I certainly wasn’t being completely honest with myself and because I craved a bit of drama in my life, I rolled out the red carpet for exactly that type of darkness to enter swiftly and easily into my heart.

Also, and maybe more importantly, at some level I believed that I wasn’t important so these men weren’t required to treat me or my heart as such.

We’ve all heard women say, “I can’t find a good man,” or “All I attract are bad boys.” Unfortunately, the common denominator is always, us. Yep, sorry.

Here’s the good news: We can change.

We can look truth in the eye, acknowledge our part in what and who we’re drawing into our lives and allowing into our hearts and we can, simply, choose to do better.

Once I began treating myself with more significance and my heart as the precious gift that it is, others began doing the same. It was only then that Derrick walked into my life because it was only then that I was ready for him. It took me getting really peaceful and healthy and happy to attract a man who was peaceful, healthy and happy.

C’mon, doesn’t he look healthy, happy and peaceful?

derrick pic

It is only once we really find love within us – through us – for us – that we are able to attract more real love into our lives and recognize it in others when it shows up.

Oh, and as if you need one more reason to heal this….it doesn’t just show up in love. This law of attraction and your relationship with yourself is reflected in your job, your performance on the job, your promot-ability at your job, your money, your weight and your relationship with family and friends.

So if we attract what we are, it’s time to get some self-love.




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