Identifying What You Really Want

Last updated: Jun 25, 2019

“Our key to transforming anything lies in our ability to reframe it.” Marianne Williamson

I had surgery on my foot approximately 2 weeks ago. I have been on crutches since that time and still have several more weeks to go. This was a surprise to me because I figured I would be “down” a few days to possibly one week max.

Upon hearing this news, it was hard for me to not get discouraged. Being on crutches makes even the simplest of activities a struggle and this was definitely slowing me down. I’m spending most of my days on my couch with my computer on my lap and my foot propped up on a pillow.

As a life coach, it’s easy to recognize that every challenge contains a lesson that I am supposed to learn, so I went in search of that lesson…

  • I’m fortunate that this is only temporary.
  • I’m grateful for the support that has surrounded me.
  • I would embrace the additional rest that my body clearly needed to heal.

Those lessons are all fine, but I knew there was something more.

My amazing friend, Traci, stopped over and she knows me well enough to know that I was struggling with this and it was impacting my spirit. She asked me an important question,

“What do you want this time to be?”

You see, it’s really easy to say what we don’t want: I don’t want to be on crutches. I don’t want to feel helpless and have to rely so much on others. I don’t want my life to be restricted.

But it’s so much harder to actually state what we really WANT and then have the courage to ask for it.

  • Well, I knew I wanted to feed myself during this time by reading the pile of books I have had for months and hadn’t yet found the time.
  • I knew there were a few online courses that I wanted to join so that I could expand my knowledge and understanding around some new topics that interested me.
  • I knew I wanted to apply for speaking engagements and promote my new coaching packages and workshop.

But those are things I will do, it’s not really what I want to experience or feel or create.

After some quiet time and listening for my inner voice to speak up, I found what I really want:

I want this to be a time where I create more openness, more space in my heart and in my life. I want this to be a time where I really live all the principles I teach so that I can share that with my clients.

It’s so much easier to notice what’s wrong in our lives than it is to focus on all that is right. I don’t care if it’s your business or your life or your relationships, it’s so much easier to say what we don’t want than defining and asking for what we do want.

But there’s very little growth in following the easy path and there’s so much more to create when we live in possibility and look for meaning. This reframe is available to all of us, at any time, for any challenge.

Tell the Truth. Show up in Love. Live in Freedom.




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