Why We Attract People Who Need Saving

Last updated: Jun 25, 2019

“When people show you who they are, believe them.” Dr. Maya Angelou


We’ve all been there before:

This time will be different. He said he would change.

I can love him enough that eventually he’ll change his mind.

He just needs a little more time.


Those of us who are generous and visionary often see the potential in people, rather than the reality.

Those of us who have a lot of love to give think we can love someone through anything and even inspire them to do something different than what they’ve always done.

Those of us who are optimistic and hopeful believe peoples’ words more than their actions.


But here’s the problem:

We aren’t capable of changing anyone in any way. Period.

Not only is it impossible for us to do, but it’s not our job. Our only job is our journey, our happiness, our growth, our potential, our love.

People only change when they want to change. Their path… through their journey… to find their version of happiness… is their job.


Here’s the bigger problem:

The more we hang onto the thought that we can change, fix or save other people the more we attract people into our lives that need changed, fixed or saved.

That helpful energy that we put out there only draws people to us that need help (which is great when you’re a Life Coach, but horrible when you want healthy and fulfilling relationships).


Your Job:

Your only job is to cultivate happiness for yourself.

Sound selfish? Good. That’s what I was going for.

Because you can only ever be of service to everyone else in your life when you serve from a place of abundance and joy, rather than scarcity and depletion.

We’re actually supposed to enjoy our lives. We’re supposed to feel good.


The Payoff:

The minute we make the decision to care for ourselves and release everyone else to live their journey as they desire, we live in freedom.

Freedom from unmet expectations.

Freedom from needing anyone else to make us happy.

Freedom from feeling frustrated and used in relationships.

Freedom from feeling depleted.

Freedom from everything we don’t want…so that we can finally get everything we desire.


why we attract people who need saving


Tell the Truth. Show up in Love. Live in Freedom.




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