All Growth and Healing Happens in Community

Oct 11, 2019

Someone said this to me yesterday and it really hit home: “All growth and healing happens in community. We don’t accomplish anything meaningful on our own.”

Oftentimes, when I am coaching clients I am doing so in small, intimate groups of women who are all facing similar relationship challenges.

At first, the thought of sharing the intimate details of your struggles in front of other people you don’t know seems terrifying.

But after that first call, some truly miraculous things naturally take place:

  • These women realize they’re not alone and that other strong, fabulous and passionate women are experiencing similar struggles.
  • They realize it’s actually a safe space for them to be completely transparent, raw and real because no one on the call actually knows them.
  • Unlike family and friends, none of the other women have an agenda or impose their own thoughts and fears onto others.
  • Another woman will ask a question that the others didn’t even think to ask, but everyone benefits from the insights and experience.
  • Lastly, and maybe most importantly, a real sense of community gets created; not necessarily by anything I’m doing, it’s just that women begin to identify with other women, get to know other women, and truly care about other women.

Connections are created in the midst of honest struggle.

Friendships are formed through growth and healing.

I’ve even seen lifelong friendships and business partnerships co-created between my clients.

Often, some of my dearest friends were former clients because I too, grow to love and care about them through being a part of their transformation.

This is the intangible magic that takes place when you’re not hiding in small, dark therapist’s office…

When you’re willing to speak your truth in a safe place…

And when you rise, you inspire others around you – that you genuinely love and care about – to rise as well.

This is the stuff that happens among my clients that I can’t put on my web site as a tangible result or in some brochure as a reason to work with me…

But it’s a huge privilege to sit back and experience. For that, I am grateful.





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