Are You Making a Decision in a Vacuum?

Last updated: Jun 30, 2024

Let’s say that your husband is thinking about making a decision that will impact your and your kids’ lives forever…..

But he’s not talking to you about that decision…

And you have zero ability to change the outcome of that decision. He’s just going to make it in isolation, and then surprise you with it once that decision is made.

How would you feel about that? Would that feel fair to you? Would that feel good to you?

I doubt it.

And yet, I see women doing this Every. Single. Day.

They’re uncomfortable having the conversation where they share their feelings about their struggling marriage, so they avoid it. And as a result, their spouse has no idea how unhappy they are, or that they’re considering ending the marriage.

When women join my program, they often assume they have to keep their participation in the program a secret from their husband. They’re thinking about how to hide the credit card so he won’t see it.

This is because they’re operating from this mindset that they can’t possibly talk to their spouse about how they’re struggling until they come to a final decision. And since they’re not communicating with their spouse about where they’re at in the marriage (one foot out the door), where do you think this stay or go decision is headed?


This breaks my heart because they’re not even giving their marriage or their partner a chance. And I know it’s only because they’re scared.

If you’re struggling in your marriage to the point where you’re asking yourself, “Should I stay or should I go?”don’t do this work in isolation. That’s not fair to you, your partner, or your family.

And if you don’t know how to have these kinds of conversations, let me help you.

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