Communication and Relationships: This Blew My Mind

Last updated: Oct 13, 2022

“Communication is the fuel that keeps the fire of your relationship burning. Without it, your relationship goes cold.” William Paisley

The health of our relationships is directly tied to our ability to communicate. When we don’t do it well, it creates conflicts and disconnection in our relationships. And when we do it well, we create relationships that feel more open, honest and trusting.

But maybe you knew that already…

Here’s something I recently read that blew my mind:

When asked what they would like more of in their marriage that they don’t currently have – both men and women had the same answer: Communication.

Not more sex. Not more money. Not more time together or time apart.

More communication.

More understanding.

More listening and hearing and seeing and valuing one another.

I found to be incredibly encouraging for two reasons:

  1. Maybe we’re not actually as different as we think we are. Maybe we’re all seeking more connection on some level. Maybe we want the same things in our relationships.
  2. Communication skills are something that can be learned. It’s not as if some people are born with it and others aren’t, like having blue eyes. Everyone can learn how to improve the way they communicate, how well they listen, how to set healthy and loving boundaries, how to ask for what you need and even how to fight in a way that is more productive than hurtful. Every single person can get better at it. And every single person can learn it (if they want to…).




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