One Way to Get Treated Like a Queen By Your Man

Last updated: Oct 27, 2022

“If our thoughts aren’t in alignment with Queen energy, we need to change them.” Tonya Leigh

There are some very ironic truths that I see in marriages today:

  • Everyone on the planet wants to be heard and understood…but almost no one wants to listen.
  • Everyone wants to be loved unconditionally, exactly as they are…but we carry an awful lot of conditions ourselves.
  • And woman wants to be treated like a queen by her man…but is she treating her man like a king?

I said something like this in my group recently, and one woman said, “It may be such a simple and small truth, but thinking this way never occurred to me. I always wanted to be treated like a queen by my man, and, well, never thought of treating my man like a king.”

Maybe you felt the same…

But the truth is:

Everything we want in our relationships, we have to be willing to give.

But that’s not what we often do, is it?

We demand the behavior from our partners that we are often unwilling to give ourselves.

Someone might say, “I’ll treat him like a king if and when he treats me like a queen.”

But then, each of you are just waiting for the other to make the first move.

Which means that you sit there together, both disappointed and not getting your deepest desires met in the relationship.

That’s a dead-end.

Instead, you have to be willing to act first.
Be willing to give the kind of love you want yourself.
Be willing to treat your husband as a king (even before he “deserves” it), and I bet you’ll get something beautiful in return.

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