One Couple. Six Months. Total Relationship Transformation.

Last updated: May 12, 2023

If you’re struggling in your marriage, you’re going to want to pay attention to this
exclusive, limited-time opportunity to change everything about your relationship.

After transforming the lives and relationships of the women I’ve worked with directly, I’m opening the treasure trove of insights and answers to help men and women find happiness together again… deeper connection, feel-good companionship, greater intimacy, and much more – even if you’re on the verge of divorce.

Why am I bringing men into the fold and working with ONE COUPLE vs. just women?

Because relationships are a team effort – and men need to be a part of the conversation.

Whether the two of you have drifted apart, you’re arguing more and more, you’ve stopped being intimate, or the rough patch you hit has become uncomfortably long, my ONE COUPLE: Total Relationship Transformation Program will change everything in six short months.

Here’s what you’ll get from ONE COUPLE: Total Relationship Transformation:

  • The secrets that no one ever taught you to create a closer, more connected and more intimate relationship together, without requiring each other to change.
  • A clear understanding of how you got here and how to do things differently so you don’t land back in this same place again and again.
  • The insights to be able to move forward, past the painful hurts and into a different future together.
  • The tools to communicating, engaging (and even arguing) productively.
  • A deeper understanding of what each of you needs in order to be feel loved and fulfilled, happy and engaged in the marriage again.


Due to the intense nature of this work, I’m picking one couple only –  one couple with which I can focus my time, energy and attention to ensure they achieve the type of transformation that they desire.

I’m searching for:

  • One couple that’s ready for transformation in their most important relationship.
  • One couple that’s not afraid to learn and do things differently than what they’ve always done.
  • One couple that’s committed to giving it their very best shot before throwing in the towel.

Why Am I Doing This?

Most of my work in the area of love and relationships has been with women. Recently, I’ve had the privilege to work with some incredibly insightful men who also want their marriage to feel better too.

Plus, after speaking with thousands of women about the struggles in their marriages, I’ve learned how to really help men in their relationships with women.

The marriage must feel good and meet the needs of both partners if it’s going to last for the long-haul.

Whether your marriage simply feels flat and fizzed-out, or if it’s on life support, The ONE Couple Program will bring clarity, healing and real results.

This Isn’t Couples Counseling.

We’re not going to do this in the way you might think. If you’ve followed my work for any period of time, you know I’m not a fan of couples counseling. I think it’s outdated and ineffective. It’s great at identifying all the traumas that got you to this place, but it falls down when it comes to equipping you with tools to help you move forward.

Much of our work together will be individual coaching and personal transformation, which will then change the dynamic within the relationship.


I will interview ten couples this week, selecting one couple on 12/30/17 and if selected, we will begin our work together on January 2nd.

One Last Thing

One last thing: Truly, this program isn’t for everyone.

Many couples don’t actually want to do anything differently than what they’re doing today in their marriage. They hope and pray that things will magically change or that what they’re going through is just a phase. Others choose to either sit on the sidelines and complain, or bury their head in the sand and pretend everything’s fine.

This will not work if one of you is dragging the other to do this; you both have to want to transform your relationship and make your marriage feel good again – even if the way you think going about it is completely different.

My approach works, but it’s not magic. It’s a deep understanding of relationships and the secrets that no one ever taught us coupled with a willingness to do things differently than what you’ve always done.

This program is for those who genuinely want to create and sustain a happy marriage –

  • Not the one you had previously; you’re not the same person you were back then.
  • Not the marriage you have now; that’s clearly not working.
  • It’s a way to create a new kind of relationship that you build together that looks and feels completely different than your past relationship.

P.S. Don’t spend the New Year the same way you spent the last one. Transform your most important relationship now. You and your husband have my promise that I’ll pour my focus, energy and passion into your marriage.




If You’re Struggling In Your Marriage…

I will help you find the clarity you need to re-commit to making your marriage work
or the strength and peace of mind to lovingly release it.