We Belong to Each Other

Last updated: Oct 13, 2022

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” Mother Theresa

I think nothing happens simply by coincidence so when I randomly open a spiritual book and a few hours later I listen to a business podcast and both talking about the same topic, I start to pay attention. Then, as often happens, a client will either reflect this same thought back to me or it will be just the insight they will need to hear from me in order to move past an obstacle they’re facing.

Either way, when this happens I know there’s something there for me…something for me to learn.

This recurring theme I experienced today was the concept that we all belong to each other. This topic usually is discussed in the context of a world view and how we’re all connected as human beings. It also often leads to a political discussion about policies – all of which are far above my pay grade and outside of my own zone of genius.

But that premise, that we’re all connected….that we influence one another…that we somehow belong to each other…

…it seems like we should begin within our own homes…and certainly within our marriages.

One of my clients right now is intentionally being loving to those around her – simply because love is her true nature (…it is yours and mine as well, by the way…) and because it feels good to love. She has been absolutely tickled by how good things are chasing her down – from on-time international flights to a piano appearing right when she was having a longing to play. And love is being reflected back to her from people on a train that she’s never met to her closest relationships.

We’ve all been in circumstances where someone enters the room who is clearly angry or upset and it impacts our experience. We’re not as open. We’re not as creative. We’re not as honest or optimistic or hopeful. We hold back because it doesn’t feel safe.

In our marriages, how we show up matters. How we feel about our partners matters. How we feel about ourselves and what we desire and deserve…matters.

I may not know exactly how to heal of the world; that feels monumental. But I know that one individual impacts many. When we heal ourselves, we can heal even the most broken of relationships.

We impact one another.

We influence the space that exists between one another.

And we belong to one another.

Begin with the person beside you.




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