Why is Marriage So Hard? – Part Three

Last updated: Mar 3, 2024

Why is marriage so hard?

Does it have to be this difficult?

Shouldn’t it be easier?

The answer is yes, but it will require us to begin accepting and embracing our differences rather than railing against them.

Ladies, have you ever noticed how it feels almost effortless to hang out with a female friend?

  • The conversation just flows….
  • The laughs come easily…
  • You understand one another.

Have you ever wondered why communicating with your husband feels…well, not so effortless?

That’s because he’s not your girlfriend…and never will be.

  • He has different ways of communicating.
  • He relates differently to his needs (and yours by the way).
  • He has completely different strengths and different motivations.

When we stop trying to get him to be who we need him to be so that it can feel easy…

We might be able to see, accept and experience him as he actually is.

(And yes, the same is true from the man’s perspective as well. We’re not just a dude in a dress.)


Why is marriage so hard?

Because we’ve been fighting a losing battle.

We’ve been attempting to get THEM to be more like US.


THIS is the way we move forward together…

With far more success and a lot less suffering.


We gain a better understanding of one another

And rather than fight against the centuries of gender-specific programming…

Judging and trying to change each other…


We begin from a place of acceptance,

And adjust our approach so that we can create the kind of loving, connected relationships we desire.

I’d love to help you get there.





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