Breakups Force Us to Choose Between Anger and Peace

Last updated: Jun 25, 2019

“You act on the outside how you feel on the inside.” Tracy McMillan

We’ve all been there.

We’ve been in a relationship with someone that we cared about deeply.

In my life, I have been hurt and I have also hurt others. I have had breakups where I was sad and lost and others where I was mad as hell.

When relationships end and hearts are broken, it can be a painful place to exist. We try to make sense of it, determining who was right and who was wrong and looking for some kind of closure. Most of the time, we want to just move on and by-pass the pain.

We find ourselves not eating or sleeping (or eating and sleeping too much).

We easily lose our focus and cry much more than usual.

The dialogue in our head gets louder and louder.

We carry around with us a heavy load of anger, pain and bitterness. We carry that in our hearts and in our minds and some days that can feel like we’re carrying bricks.

When your heart is broken there’s an opening…..a small space…for the light to get through. So when relationships break, we can either make the choice to shut down and not let the light in, sitting there in our anger and pain or we can turn our face towards that light.

That light is the opportunity to put down the heavy bricks and choose peace instead.

Not for them. For us.

Making the decision to be peaceful in the midst of a heartbreak is a choice, just like forgiveness is a choice. It is an action that you take to free yourself from the drama, the nonsense and the bitterness.

It’s choosing to practice radical self-care when you’re feeling down.

It’s saying “yes,” to meeting up with friends and not using that time to relive the past but talk about your plans for the future.

It’s choosing compassion, at least for yourself, over animosity.

It’s making the intentional choice to turn your face toward the light in your life.

Tell the Truth. Show up in Love. Live in Freedom.




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