A Poem for You: When You’re Stuck in Limbo

Last updated: May 12, 2023

is the half-dead life.

The neither this nor that life.

The in-between,
down the crack life.

The one I can’t decide
whether I should
or shouldn’t life.

Because a limbo life
is a half-dead life
and seems to always be a
lingering in the creases life.

It is a waiting in the sideline life,
a never gets to play life,
because I’m always hesitating
and delaying
and waiting
for the exact right moment
to fully live again life…

Written by: Sez Kristiansen, Healing Her


I picked up this book of poetry a few hours before I had a live coaching call in my membership group. I knew I would be coaching someone whose husband had cheated on her five different times (that she’s aware of). She’s endured more heartbreak than I can even imagine. Stuck in limbo.

The divorce papers were signed by her husband – at her request – and were sitting there on the table, waiting for her signature. The only thing preventing her from leaving the pain behind and stepping into a beautiful new life was the fact that she didn’t trust herself.

She didn’t trust her instincts, because they had failed her before.

She didn’t trust that she could be happier, especially when he was so incredibly sad and apologetic for all the ways he had hurt her.

Even though she’s created so many things in her life that others look at in awe, she didn’t trust that what she wanted was truly possible.

So I reminded her who she is.

  • I reminded her of her spirit that still today, after everything she’s been through, is so damn bright.
  • I reminded her of the love she had to give to someone who knew what to do with that kind of love.
  • And she knew what was ahead for her if she DIDN’T sign those papers.

We all knew what that would look and feel like: a half-dead life.

It was a good reminder for everyone on the call that day that life is there, waiting on us to step forward.

We all get to choose: half-dead in limbo or fully alive and trusting ourselves.

Do you feel like you’ve been living a half-dead life?

How many years have you been stuck in limbo, trying to decide if the relationship can ever really change or if the only answer is to end it?

How long have you been struggling to trust yourself and your heart?

Let’s explore if there’s a fit for us to work together. I’d love to help you.




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