When You’re Just Done

Last updated: Mar 20, 2023

“Sometimes you just have to be done. Not mad, not upset. Just done.” Unknown

My client’s husband had cheated, but she was trying to work through that…

Her husband was drinking a lot, but she wanted to be understanding about that…
She kept trying to talk to him about their struggles, but he wouldn’t engage.

He was there physically, but not emotionally.
He hadn’t left the marriage but he wasn’t exactly in it either.

This client had spent the last year crying herself to sleep at night. She was so sad about what was happening.

Then she would occasionally get angry that he wouldn’t try…
That he wouldn’t answer her questions….
That he wouldn’t try harder…

After all the sadness is expressed…
And the anger has flowed….

Eventually, you just realize that what your partner is giving is all he has to give.
He’s not holding out on you…
This is it. This is his best (for now).
And you know that it’s not enough for you.

When you meet that place, you feel a sense of peace (odd as it sounds).
That’s when you realize you’re done.

You’re not pissed.
Or upset.
Or even feeling like you’re ready to cry for days on end anymore.

You’re just done.

You know that the relationship has reached its end.
That it has become all it can be…
And that it’s not enough for you.

And while that’s not an easy answer, it is an answer that you can ultimately make peace with.

Do you feel like you’re realizing your marriage is reaching its end? Let’s make sure.

I’d love to help you get to that place of clarity, or to realize the marriage can, in fact, evolve to something that feels good.

Let’s see if there’s a fit for us to work together.

When You’re Just Done




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