Your Lawyer Isn’t Your Relationship Coach

Last updated: Mar 20, 2023

I know I’m behind the times, but I just recently started watching the TV series, Breaking Bad. Our binging has paid off because we’re already into the third season. I’m watching the other night and there’s this scene where Skyler (the wife) is lamenting to her divorce attorney about her marriage and pending divorce. She’s explaining that no matter what step she takes, she’s feeling like she’s suffocating and feels paralyzed. She looks really distraught.

To which her lawyer brilliantly responds, “I am half as qualified and twice the rate of a therapist. What is your question for me?”

Most divorce lawyers struggle in their own marriages, so they’re not equipped to help you dive into the stay or go decision. Additionally, they’re financially motivated for you to leave your marriage.

And your friends tell you, “You need to just leave. You deserve better than that.” Your friends aren’t there to challenge you or guide you to your answer, they’re there to love you. Let them do that.

When we’re struggling in our most important and our most intimate relationship, we need to stop thinking that talking to our lawyers, our mothers, our sisters and our friends is bringing us closer to our answer for our lives.

These people aren’t equipped to help you with the life-changing decision about whether it’s time to stay and re-connect in your marriage or lovingly release it.

Stop talking to people who aren’t qualified to help you.

I know this road.

I’ve been where you are right now and know what you’re feeling.

And I have a GPS.




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