Life Will Never be the Same

Last updated: Jun 25, 2019

“Transformation is never easy or painless, but essential to the growth of our soul.” Elizabeth Gilbert

It was the Sunday at the end of a long Thanksgiving weekend. While my husband was out, I packed a bag and placed it in my car.

When my husband came home, we sat there in the foyer and I told him I was leaving. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I remember that anxious, confused and scared feeling as if it were yesterday.

When I walked out that door of my home that evening, I had crossed a sacred threshold where life would never be the same from that moment forward.

Fast forward to 4 years later, as I was released from my position as Chief Marketing Officer, a position I had worked for nearly 20 years to attain and was a big part of my identity at the time.

I walked out the door that day, not knowing exactly what was next, but knowing that life would never be the same. It was a sacred threshold.

I spoke with a prospective client this week that shared with me how she is in a verbally abusive marriage and is standing there at that threshold, where the thought of staying is just as terrifying as the thought of leaving.

That’s how it is with the big questions of our lives: the sacred thresholds.

For some of us, we instinctively know that where we’re at in our lives at that moment isn’t right for us, but change is difficult. We know there’s a greater calling for our lives than the one we’re living in, but we’re not sure of the path or the destination. There is no map for this sort of thing.

The whispers of our lives tell us there’s more…

So, we’re stuck in this place of not being able to go back and not being able to move forward. Because we know instinctively that once we take that step, life will never be the same.

So it is with the journey of transformation. Our lives are whispering to us, all the time. And when we don’t listen, those whispers turn into yelling. We can push it down and ignore it for a moment, but the voice isn’t going to stop or become quieter.

There were clearly times in my life when I stepped over the threshold:

  • I could no longer live the picture-perfect life while I was dying on the inside.
  • I had to escape the numbness of my life and shed the layers of bullshit in order to really look truth in the eye and step into the light.
  • I couldn’t become the woman I knew I was capable of by staying in a safe, small box. I know that now.

Transformation is never easy and rarely pretty, but in the end it was all a gift and there is great perfection in the journey. It was those experiences that brought me:

  • The peace in my life that I now have,
  • The love in my life that is greater than I even knew to ask for and
  • The gift of knowing who I am and living straight from my soul each day.

Maybe you’re standing there at your own threshold right now: in your job, in your marriage, in an important relationship, in your role as parent… Your life is whispering (or possibly yelling) to you. Will you answer?

Crossing the sacred threshold requires trust:

  • Trust in the process,
  • Trust that everyone that comes into our lives is there as a teacher, and
  • Trust that we are held in God’s divine light along this journey.

Because every time you listen to the whispers of your life and are courageous enough to step over your sacred threshold,

  • It’s a journey through transformation to your own heart.
  • It’s a journey to your truth.
  • It is a journey to authenticity.
  • It’s a journey to peace.
  • It’s a journey to love.


Tell the Truth. Show up in Love. Live in Freedom.





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