Maybe Now Is the Perfect Time

Last updated: Mar 20, 2023

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.” Zoey Sayward

For sure our holidays look and feel very different this year than in years past.

We’re not traveling like we normally would.
Our ability to spend time with family and friends is really challenging.
For most of us, there won’t be any holiday parties to host or attend.

But you know what that gives us that we normally do not have?

Mental and emotional space.
Space to spend time on things we know need to be addressed.

Typically, people in my community are just trying to make it through the holidays at this time of year.

They’re not thinking about how to work on their marriage to make it better.

They also don’t have the mental capacity to give any serious consideration as to if and how to end the marriage.

They typically put their problems on pause and distract themselves with parties, cocktails, family and gifts. It’s easy to do.

Until this year…

Now it seems…all we have is space.

So why not do something with that space that will have you heading into the new year with confidence and clarity, rather than feeling like it’s going to be yet another very difficult year you’re facing.

We can use this perfect time to equip you with real relationship tools that:

  • Will help you to see if the marriage can evolve beyond where it is today…
  • Can help you feel more empowered in the relationship…
  • Will make the holidays with your family more peaceful.

The problems and hurt you’re feeling inside your marriage aren’t going to magically go away. They’ll be there waiting for you in January. You could wait…

Or you could use this time to help yourself feel more clear, more empowered, and more hopeful.

Let’s get to work.

Maybe Now Is the Perfect Time




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